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How to Lock Up Your Baby: Which Technique is Best?

Posted by Allison Cline on


Approximately one million bicycles are stolen each year in New York City alone. At kor, we don’t think that’s cool, so we've come up with some ways to help protect your baby.

Thieves want the fastest cut, so the main goal is to make it as time-consuming as possible to steal your bike. Until there's a better way to keep your bicycle safe, we must carry locks and do our best to lock our bike in a safe place. So, lock it up, lock it in. Here are some suggestions:

1. LOCKS - The above picture is an example of what happens when you lock your whole bike with just a cable thru just the tire. All the thief did was unscrew the bolt holding the tire on. Don't ever lock your bike with just a cable. A cable is the easiest and fastest cut. If you have a simple, inexpensive fixie, we recommend a U-Lock - or better yet, a chain lock, like Hip Lok (which is super comfy and stylish). The benefit of the chain lock is that it moves around enough so that the thief can't get a good grip. 

The Abus folding lock is also great for those hard-to-reach lockup situations, and folds up neatly for a minimalist carry. Also, if your rims can take it, the 4 pt. Pinhead lock system is KEY! It locks your wheels, saddle and bars to your frame. If you don't do the Pinhead, make sure your rims and saddle are secured with a U-lock or other device. To secure your saddle, either have your local mechanic make you a custom chain that goes through the saddle and the seat-stay, or carry a small cable. It’s simple: The more locks you use, the least likely it will be stolen. 

And if you have a very expensive road bike, don't ever lock that up. 

2. LOCK LOCALE – Locking in a smart place can help prevent and deter theft, and even give you a leg up if your baby is stolen. Lock your bike in these places to decrease the likelihood of theft:

  • In front of a bank. A bank has cameras.
  • In front of an outdoor café.
  • In front of a residential building with a doorman.
  • If you are locking to a street sign, check to see if the sign pulls out of the ground. Sometimes thieves have set this up so they can just pull it up and take your bike.
  • In front of any place with people who can see through a window.

And remember: Don't ever lock your bike outside overnight. That gives thieves all the time in the world to steal it – and the free time to use power tools. The safest place for your bike is locked, in your apartment, with you in it, sleeping with one eye open. Protect your baby, so we can see you on the road later.






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