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why I launched kor

Posted by Allison Cline on

on june 7, 1985, my birthday, i was given my first road bike. it was sky blue, with electric blue foam handlebars.

i've traced it to this event. this moment in time. when i first fell for cycling. i remember that summer so well. every dusk i'd return home with my hands stained electric blue. and by the end of that summer, i started to see chrome thru the foam.

so, it's 2013. and i made some bikewear. that you can also do some yoga in, get coffee. it's about minimal. it's about feeling free. feeling the wind on your face, the music on your skin. wear that feels barely there. looking good = feeling good. a body in motion, is a mind in motion. wear it to brunch, wear it to yoga, wear it on a date, wear it to work. wear it out on the road or in the studio. always be ready to sweat, without looking like it. 

the future is being rewired. things are shifting. a return to basics. a simpler lifestyle. and what’s simpler, than riding a bike. so cheers and gears to getting a couple more bikes on the road and a couple more cars off. i think mother nature would be very happy for that.

so clip in, if it's more than just miles to you. 

hope to see you all out on a road.



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