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Kor Unisex Short

Kor Unisex Short

Get a new skin.

clip in. spin it out. run. dance. downward dog. get coffee. feel the wind on your skin.

This short. It's different from other shorts. It's a helluva multitasker. It'll take you down any road you want and you'll still look good no matter what. It's totally lightweight. It doesn't pinch or ever feel hot or heavy.

1. Main billowy light fabric. 2. Spandex stealthily runs up the inner seams of your legs giving you maximum stretchability 3. Compression band which you can adjust where you want it to land on your legs. Wear them down when you're ready to ride, up when you're ready to socialize. Pull waistband low for a baggy drop pant look or roll waistband down for a tighter/sexier look. Then, sweat it out. 

For spinning or outdoor cycling, pair with ünterwear


  • Ripstop nylon performance fabric is weather resistant, waterproof, windproof and highly breathable.
  • Compression elastic thigh band
  • Wide elastic waistband
  • Made with performance fabrics from Italy
  • Dries fast
  • Spandex certified by Bureau Veritas
  • Keys/credit card/cash money inner stealth pocket